Eligibility for Funding

The growing demand for integrative graduate research careers in the human evolution sciences requires a solution to the constraints posed by existing disciplinary structures. Students are the most dynamic links in the academic network, potentially bridging any of its parts in useful combinations, thus the Hard Tissue Research Program in Human Paleobiomics (HTRP-HP) will fund on a competitive basis the hard tissue dissertation research of doctoral candidates from any academic department and residing at any university in the world.

Doctoral students whose research reflects positively on the primary objective of the HTRP-HP may apply for funding. Students must be registered in a doctoral program and they must have successfully completed coursework and/or exams required of them by their graduate committee in order to commence their dissertation research.

The HTRP-HP Scientific Committee has also decided to fund a small number of Supervisor Applications for supporting students in research (link below). Initial funding to a possible maximum of 10,000 EUR for cutting-edge research initiatives in the integrative field of Human Paleobiomics will be available. Funds are limited, so value for cost will be a significant factor in the decision to fund.

Eligible Costs and Other Financial Considerations

Students may apply for up to 50% of project direct costs for up to two years and a total maximum of $12,500 (ca. 10,500 €). Eligible direct costs include consumables, travel, and field expenses, and may include living expenses when justified. Equipment, laboratory fees, and indirect costs are not eligible. Depending upon the availability of funds, some funding for a third year may be requested in special circumstances and only when satisfactory progress after two years has been demonstrated.

Note that above and beyond awarded project costs, the Hard Tissue Research Program in Human Paleobiomics (HTRP-HP) will provide support for the registration and travel costs of an annual conference in each funded year and will also provide limited support for a meeting in which the student is first and presenting author (poster or oral presentation) of work supported by the HTRP-HP. This travel benefit may also apply to a scientific meeting after the completion of their research, funds permitting.

Project Requirements

Dissertation research projects must emphasize a hard tissue biology approach in pursuit of knowledge and enhanced understanding of early human paleobiology and/or any element of the paleobiome in which early humans lived. The integration of microanatomical or compositional information with macroanatomical, functional, physiological, life historical, or behavioral approaches is key to the primary objective of the Hard Tissue Research Program in Human Paleobiomics (HTRP-HP). Research projects may include any vertebrate, modern and/or extinct, providing that the scope of the research is systems biology in nature and that it contributes significantly to our understanding of the human paleobiome. The HTRP-HP will consider invertebrate hard tissue biology if such research emphasizes its relevance to the systems biology approach in human paleobiomics.

Here are some examples of research projects that the HTRP-HP would and would not support:

Example: Life History
The HTRP-HP would support projects that relate dental or bone microanatomy to larger scale life history attributes, such as body or brain size, and metabolic rate, etc. Support will not be given for strictly comparative research, but support might be considered for hard tissue biology in relation to systematics if a biomics approach was taken.

Example: Dietary History
Enamel microanatomy in relation to macroscopic wear facets would be supported if the work considered masticatory behavior, dietary reconstruction, and metabolic ecology. Isotope studies would not be supported if all they provided was a reconstruction of diet; the systems biological relevance of this dietary reconstruction would have to be an important part of the project for such research to be considered for funding.

Example: Biomedical Research
Finally, support will not be given for reductionist biomedical research. However, a project that explored the human evolutionary biology of hard tissues in a human health context would be considered.

Application Requirements

All students must first complete the online HTRP-HP Pre-Application Form for consideration of a full proposal (link below).

If your HTRP-HP Pre-Application Form is accepted by our Selection Committee for further consideration (within two weeks of receipt), you will be asked to provide full application materials appropriate for your source of funding prior to your funding agency deadline, should you have one.

Academic research institutions around the world vary greatly in the strategies they take to support doctoral students, but most are either funded through some competitive governmental agency, private organization, or associated research institute program. HTRP-HP support is intended to improve the likelihood of funding from such programs, or to supplement existing funding. If your Pre-Application is selected for further consideration, you will be sent an HTRP-HP Application Form (10 pages all inclusive). For those students applying for competitive funds, a letter of HTTRP-HP support will be provided to you for submitting to the agency together with your proposal. If your competitive funding is approved, you will provide the HTRP-HP with the formal terms of your award in order to receive HTRP-HP funds. If these terms are different from the original submission, as they are sometimes modified by the awarding agency, we may renegotiate funding levels. If funded, the financial officer of your institution will be sent a Contract of Collaboration, the budget of which will be consistent with the terms of the awarding agency.

In particular cases, institute or private support is not competitive. In these instances PhD candidates will be supplied with an HTRP-HP Application Form for submitting directly to the Selection Committee.

Click here to download an application (MS Word Format)

Supervisors may fill out an HTRP Supervisor Application Form for submitting directly to the Selection Committee.

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